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 The Prime minister has announced a specific Covid-19 related honours list to be published alongside the delayed Queen's Birthday Honours list in the Autumn honours list to be published hopefully in September.    Members of the public can nominate suitable highly deserving people for these awards & the links to the appropriate nomination form & the instructions on how to submit a nomination are below this notice. It is likely that there will be a very large number of such nominations and people selected should be very special indeed!

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1.  Anyone can nominate anyone for a UK honour although the person being nominated should be a UK Citizen or a citizen of a Commonwealth county of which the Queen is head of state. There are different rules for other citizens.
2.  We would strongly encourage the nomination of eligible people. They certainly do not need to be “Famous”. In fact we are looking out for those ordinary people who have dedicated their lives, or a part of their lives, for the benefit of others.
3.  There is no difference between those people who are paid for what they have done and those who do so voluntarily, although the bar is probably set higher for those that are paid.
4.  The web site is much the best place to find out about the honours process. It is extremely well written & easy to use. All the necessary forms can be downloaded and the details for submission are all there.
5.  The process is effectively competitive and therefore the quality of the submission is very important. Please remember that it is the quality & not the quantity of information that can sway the process in favour of a particular person.
6.  We are very keen to see nominations from different ethnic groups and in the Northern Ireland context, from both communities.
7.  We are very keen to support really deserving cases from absolutely any quarter.
8.  The chances of success are greatly improved if the application is made either before the person retires from the activity or within 1 years of that retirement. Unfortunately, those applications on behalf of people who retired some time ago are unlikely to be successful.
9.  The process is as follows:-
     a. The person nominating fills in the form.
     b. The person nominating gets at least 2 letters of support from two different people preferably unconnected to the person being nominated. Again these letters should not be too long, but should clearly state why the person is so special.
     c. The forms & attachments are submitted to the N.I Honours Secretariat at the Office of the First Minister & Deputy First Minister.
     d. The forms are checked & if correct are usually forwarded on to the Lord Lieutenant of the relevant County. In our case, the Lord Lieutenant will usually be assisted by at least one Deputy Lieutenant. They will do some checking & investigating to see how well they can support the application.
     e. The Lord Lieutenant sends in a short confidential written report to the office of OFMDFM.
     f.  If the Honours Secretariat is happy the forms are then sent off to the central Honours Secretariat for a decision. This can take well over 1 year. Unsuccessful applicants are not informed & no correspondence can be entered into.
10. The process is very simple and costs nothing. The County Down Lieutenancy is very keen to see more honours given to the residents of the County & in particular to those people who have worked at the grass root level helping those who are disadvantaged.

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